Our mustards

Our company, founded in 1949, have resumed the manufacture of Meaux mustard © Pommery © in the purest tradition of centuries past.
Today we are selling in nearly 30 countries, our range of mustards and vinegars made with the knowledge from this tradition «Simply Authentic!».

Mustards 500g

The moutarde de Meaux® Pommery® with wax or plastic top or the Royal mustard with Cognac Pommery®

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Mustards 250g

As such the sweetest Honey mustard, the stronger as Firemen\'s mustard, a wide range of mustards 250g to delight every palate !

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Mustards Stoneware 100g

A range of stoneware jars 100g with plastic stopper to discover new flavors, mustard figs, cranberries, Espelette pepper, moutarde de Meaux®, Dijon and herbs ...

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Mustards Glass 100g

A brand new, Petits Gourmets, for new flavors packaged in 100g glass jar with twist-off lid.

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Buckets And Box

The packaging in plastic buckets and metal box are reserved exclusively for restaurateurs and communities.

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