Questions / Answers

Q : How should the pot be opened?

A : The wax seal on the pot should be broken with the back of a knife, then the knife gently inserted between the cork and the stoneware pot and cut all the way around.
Then, using a small firm-bristled brush, remove any small pieces of wax still stuck to the pot.

Q : Should La Moutarde de Meaux® be kept in the refrigerator?

A :Not necessarily.
Simply store it in a dry, dark place.

Q : How long does the mustard last once the pot has been opened?

A : Due to its special packaging, la Moutarde de Meaux® Pommery® has an exceptionnally long shelf-life. Its stoneware pot prevents UV light from passing through as does its cork stopper sealed in wax.
You can easily keep it for two years in a cool dry place.

Q : How opening a pot closed by a plastic stopper?

A :Support with force with your two inches on the center of the stopper, and using the other fingers, make lever on the circumference of the stopper in order to separate it of the pot.

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