Different types of mustard

Mustard is a plant belonging to the Crucifer family of which over forty species exist all over the world, but three main species are used, black, white and brown.

Black mustard

Also called Brassica nigra, is a plant with hard, furry leaves growing to around 1 metre in height. It has small yellow flowers which produce a smooth, round red seed. This seed then turns black, hence its name. This mustard is rich and hot and is often used to make poultices.

White mustard

Also called Sinapis alba is a plant which grows to between 80 and 150 cm in height. Its yellow flowers are larger as well as its seed which is a pale yellow colour. The seed is more bitter and much less pungent.

Brown mustard

Called Brassica juncea is a more vigorous plant which has round, brown seeds and is generally used in industry.