Virtues of vinegar

Health benefits

The antiseptic and antibiotic properties of vinegar have been known since the middle ages. It was used to disinfect wounds, soothe burns, or treat snake bites.

The benefits of this product are no longer in any doubt. Today it is recognised as an anti-cancer, bacteriostatic, a product that activates the digestive process, as well as a neuromuscular tonic.

It can be an effective treatment for sore throats, used as a gargle.

Vinegar stimulates the appetite by stimulating the saliva glands, it can also counteract dizziness: inhale a little vinegar to prevent feelings of faintness!

If you suffer from swollen feet or hands, simmply soak them morning and evening in a solution of 3 glasses of water with half a glass of vinegar.

Beauty treatments

Vinegar has strong astringent qualities, it tightens the pores of the skin. You can now buy bath vinegars fragranced with herbs.

You can also prepare your own lotion by pouring a teaspoon of vinegar in 50cl of water and cleaning your skin with it.

Adding a little vinegar to your rinsing water will make your hair more shiny, it controls sebaceous secretions.

Home hygiene

Housewives have long since used vinegar for dissolving limescale, shining chrome or brightening up silver cutlery.

Soak them in hot distilled vinegar and see the brightness return!

Have your glasses or plates become dull?

Rub them with a clean cloth soaked in white distilled vinegar to make them shine like new!

There is nothing better than vinegar for removing chewing gum or ungluing carpets.

Do you want to fix the colour of an item of clothing before washing it?

Simply soak it in warm water with a glass of distilled vinegar added .

Are you being plagued by mosquitoes? Then rub a few drops of vinegar onto your skin. You'll soon see; it really works!