Opening the wax pot

Simply break the entire edge of the wax with the back of a knife, then lightly insert the tip between the cork and sandstone and go around it. Then, using a small hard-haired brush, remove the small wax particles that remain still attached to the pot.

Opening video

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Preservation of the product

Should Moutarde de Meaux® be kept in the refrigerator?

Not necessarily, just keep it in a dry place away from the light.

How long does the mustard keep once the jar is opened?

Because of its very special packaging, the Moutarde de Meaux® Pommery® has an exceptional longevity. Its sandstone pot prevents UV rays from crossing as well as its cork covered with wax. You can easily keep it for 18 months in a cool, dry place. Only its pungentness will diminish over time.